Kinga Csilla

Kinga Csilla are creators of effortless garments with a nod to the past - a considered approach to design resulting in easy, contemporary fits for a socially conscious woman with a travelling spirit. Their influences are deeply rooted in the family history of founder Laura Liles in Sydney, Australia. 

Kinga craft a signature design unique to the label by employing intricate cutwork, embroidery, embellishments and hand-finished details using natural fiber fabrics such as linens and cottons.

At Kinga Csilla, it is innately understood that it is cool to be kind: to both their people, their makers, and to Mother Earth. As a company they are constantly striving to create production processes that are ethical and follow fair production practices, currently working with the fair work guidelines set by IRFT - International Resources for Fairer Trade and their Social Compliance Code.

This ensures that at the very heart of Kinga, each piece that passes through their hands and on to you is made not only with the utmost care but in a safe environment.