Lil' Knits

Lillian is a self-taught and passionate knitter.
All of her garments are designed and made by a one-woman show with wearers' comfort and the environment in mind.
All materials that Lil uses are either natural and fully biodegradable or recycled. 
All of the Lil' Knits creations that we carry are hand knitted in Melbourne using 100% Peruvian Highland wool.
Lil understands that investing in a high quality knit should be considered and part of a long term plan, that's why all of her garments are designed to last a lifetime, knitted in styles that will outlive trends, and made from materials that keep the earth in mind.

Being knit from a high quality wool, these pieces will take some caring for, it's important that you follow the care instructions attached, love them well and they'll love you back for many winters to come!